Ethically made jewellery boutique based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Meraki means Soul. It is a passion, an absolute devotion. When you... 


Halara means take it easy.Often associated with the Northern Geek city Thessaloniki... 

  • Infinity Ring

    This exquisite statement ring has been finely crafted.
    Carefully handmade by artisans hailing from Jaipur, the ring has been made to the set industry standards using 92.5 pure Sterling Silver, making it a durable, exclusive and timeless choice.
    Handmade jewelry is fabricated from raw metal by a highly skilled jewelry artisan, using only the tools that are controlled by hand.

    Available in sizes 6, 7 and 8.

  • Flower Filigree Stud Earrings

    Made from sterling silver, these gorgeous earrings are crafted by master artisans from Cuttack, India. 
    The city is home to the delicate and stunning art of silver work, Filigree.
    Locally, this art form, known as “Tarakasi”, flourished under the patronage of Mughal emperors. In this 700-year old sophisticated jewelry metalwork, tiny beads or twisted threads or a combination of both are artistically woven together to form intricate motifs and designs.
    This tedious and physically demanding process is done by hand and requires at least two artisans.
    Even today, Tarakasi invokes classic iconography used extensively in drawings found in Indian temples.
    Heaps of patience, skill and hard work is required in creating a filigree piece owing to its intricately designed, beautiful appearance.

  • Zebra Print Beaded Earrings

    These earrings are created by artisans who are advanced in their techniques. They are able to finish such intricate details creating these print like patterns that inspired these ever popular animal print pieces. Made from hand woven Japanese glass seed beads.